Ali Lovejoy, Outstanding Woman of the Year

“It’s a really remarkable thing to see these individuals that have so little, yet are so generous with each other. Working with these clients and working with the staff who are so driven and passionate about helping people who have fallen through the cracks — it keeps me coming back.” Preble Street Senior Director of … Read more

The Best Decision Ever: One Nonprofit’s Extraordinary COVID-19 Choice

Executives are enmeshed in crucial conversations about the future of their organizations and need to make quick decisions in those regards… but the calculations some nonprofits made exceeded the question of cash on hand. Maine’s Preble Street, which serves the homeless population, has actually raised salaries in anticipation of what’s now a very hazardous assignment. … Read more

Positively Maine: Mark Swann

Tory Ryden created Positively Maine in response to the explosion of negative, troubling and worry-inducing news stories that infiltrate all air waves. The show is an hour-long and features no vitriolic arguments–rather, inspirational, informative stories that motivate and, the goal is, uplift. We feature individuals, groups and companies from every pocket of this great state … Read more

Mark Swann Remembers Leon Gorman

… Mark Swann, executive director of Preble Street, said Gorman volunteered at the agency’s Portland soup kitchen every Wednesday morning for 12 years. Swann announced that the agency’s volunteer of the year award will be named the Leon Gorman Volunteer Service Award. Swann remembered getting a call last winter from Gorman while Gorman was sitting … Read more

Survey indicates many teens are homeless

PORTLAND, Maine -A 6-page, 45-question survey is being conducted in local communities to find new ways to help vulnerable young adults. Preble Street Resource Center is conducting the study in seven counties. Preliminary results show that many young adults are homeless. Teens that couch surf, camp out or find other ways to survive are being … Read more

On the Radio: Mark Swann

Mark Swann is the Executive Director of Preble Street, a Portland Organization that finds solutions for those who are experiencing homelessness, hunger and poverty. A finalist for the Congressional Medal of Honor, 51-year-old Swann has been with Preble Street for 23 years.  You were one of our earliest guests when you first came on Love … Read more

Dr. Lisa Radio Hour: Life on the Edges #153

How do we handle ourselves when life throws us a curve? Bruce Fitzgerald, Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency, and Joshua Frances, Director of Emergency Management at Maine Medical Center, give us valuable information about emergencies, how we might be impacted and how we can best prepare. Preble Street Executive Director Mark Swann discusses what happens … Read more

Advocate for homeless kicks off common good leadership series

"I was driving back from Boston, gripping the wheel, thinking to myself, ‘Be careful what you wish for’," Mark Swann ’84 said, describing the advent of his remarkable career to a roomful of students at the McKeen Center. While Swann dreamed of being able to make an impact on the most needy, he also knew … Read more

Proud Mainers dedicating their professions to changing lives

Executive director of Preble Street, Mark Swann grew up in Massachusetts. Swann graduated Cum Laude from Bowdoin College with a bachelor’s degree in History. He then went on to earn a master’s degree in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts. Swann discussed his move back to Maine at the age of 28 to pursue … Read more

50 Reasons We Love Portland

Mark Swann understands the realities of city living. "Being a great city entails a lot more than just having a vibrant arts community," he says. "It’s also about caring for your poorest. Half the state’s homeless population is in Portland, and we focus on the lives and experience of these people." This past year Swann … Read more