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Preble Street Health Services currently includes the MMC-Preble Street Learning Collaborative — in partnership with Maine Medical Center — and the Medication Assisted Recovery Program (MARP), in partnership with Greater Portland Health. Preble Street staff provide intensive case management to patients in these programs and help connect them to shelter, housing, clothing, and other resources to help them work toward goals.

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MMC-Preble Street Learning Collaborative

Preble Street collaborated with Maine Medical Center (MMC) and community partners to develop the MMC-Preble Street Learning Collaborative (MMC-PSLC) to bridge identified gaps in health care services for people experiencing homelessness in Portland. The MMC-PSLC serves as the “hook and hub” location for low-barrier and barrier free access to health services, care-coordination services and education. Limited clinical services, including triage, urgent and follow-up care, and wound care are provided by an onsite health care provider. MMC’s Homeless HealthPartners (HHP) case management team is co-located at the MMC-PSLC site, offering individuals experiencing homelessness short-term case management and coordinating access to primary care and other medical providers. HHP identifies and engages high-risk patients and communicates with Preble Street Health Services staff and MMC-PSLC colleagues to coordinate care and address serious health issues before they require emergency or extended medical care.

Medication Assisted Recovery Program (MARP)

A unique pilot collaboration between Preble Street and Greater Portland Health — funded by the state of Maine, MARP launched in early 2018. The program optimizes existing substance use disorder (SUD) treatments and recovery-oriented services and adds monitored daily Medication Assisted Treatment paired with mental health counseling. This model has shown clear evidence of positive results in the community.