Housing Services

Preble Street is committed to providing safe, affordable permanent housing and support to chronically homeless men and women in Portland, Maine. Our services are based on approaches to homelessness and chronic mental illness that have emerged nationally as key strategies for ending homelessness combined with experience gained at the Preble Street Resource Center. Based on a pioneering Housing First model and a strong partnership between Preble Street and Avesta Housing, the success of our landmark housing programs validates a strategy that can end chronic homelessness in Portland and across the nation.

Florence House

photo_hs_florenceFlorence House provides safe, supported permanent housing to chronically homeless women in Portland, Maine.
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Logan Place

photo_hs_loganplaceLogan Place provides adults who have lived in shelters and on the streets for much of their lives with a chance for a permanent and safe living situation.
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Huston Commons

Huston Commons provides essential 24-hour support services, including a medical care room to accommodate regular practitioner hours and telemedicine services for tenants, all of whom have disabilities.
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Veterans Housing Services

photo_as_veteransPreble Street’s Veterans Housing Services (VHS) seeks to assist low-income veterans and their families find a home and end homelessness among veterans.
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First Place

teencenter036_000First Place permanent supported apartments provide young people with much-needed structure and services as they gain the knowledge and self-confidence to live successfully on their own.
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