Longest Day of Homelessness Summer Solstice Vigil

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 8AM-5PM TOMMY’S PARK, PORTLAND On Friday, June 17 from 8am-5pm, Homeless Voices for Justice (HVJ) will be at Tommy’s Park in Portland for the 15th Annual Longest Day of Homelessness Sit-out, to draw attention to the fact that homelessness is tragic no matter the season.At 12pm, HVJ members and elected officials ― … Read more

Discrimination Against Homelessness Pilot Project

Have you or someone you know experienced discrimination based on your housing status? Last year, Homeless Voices for Justice successfully advocated for the passage of the Discrimination Against Homelessness Pilot Project, which directs the Maine Human Rights Commission (MHRC) to collect complaints of discrimination based on housing status. This includes complaints that a person was … Read more

2020 Homeless Voices For Justice Candidate Interviews

As part of their You Don’t Need A Home To Vote campaign, Homeless Voices for Justice held virtual interviews with federal, state, and city candidates to provide the opportunity to listen to, answer the questions of, and learn from a constituency with lived-experience of homelessness, poverty, and hunger. Topics this year included unsheltered homelessness, affordable … Read more

Homeless advocates hold 'sit out' to raise awareness in Portland

PORTLAND (WGME) — Homeless advocates held a “sit out” to raise awareness in Portland. Many people supporting the effort at Tommy’s Park Tuesday morning are experiencing homelessness themselves. For the last nine years, advocates with the group Homeless Voices for Justice have come together around the longest day of the year to let people know … Read more

Maine Calling: What to Do About Panhandling

The city of Portland has been at the center of the storm over the issue of panhandling, but other Maine communities are also grappling with it and discussing whether to put limits on people soliciting money from passers-by. In Portland, a ban on panhandling from median strips was ruled unconstitutional earlier this year and now … Read more

Augusta Police Chief staged panhandling protest

AUGUSTA, Maine (NECN) — The police chief in Augusta took a day off work last Friday to stage a one man protest against panhandling in his city. Chief Robert Gregoire said, based on his department’s interactions with many panhandlers, he believes the public’s donations are often used to buy drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. He held … Read more