Welcome to the new Volunteer Manager!

Please join us in welcoming Haley Foydel, the new Preble Street Volunteer Manager! In addition to remarkable energy, passion, and warmth, Haley brings a wealth of experience as a nonprofit project coordinator, a general manager of a restaurant group, a volunteer at Preble Street, and much more. Here, we share a short Q & A with her. How … Read more

Volunteer of the Month: Megan

Volunteering at Preble Street Food Programs involves a lot of scrubbing, chopping, and cooking, but the heart of the work reaches beyond the day to day of a kitchen. Volunteers bring kindness, insight, dedication, and compassion — and lots of puns and wit in the case of Volunteer of the Month Megan Ladd. “The conversation never fades when … Read more

Shawn McLaughlin: Gratitude in Action

One of the requirements for staying at the Congress Street house was meaningful activity, including regular volunteer work. McLaughlin began helping out at Preble Street. Preble Street assists area residents who are experiencing homelessness, hunger, and poverty. After a month at Preble Street, kitchen manager Sue Ellen Sevigny suggested that McLaughlin work there full time. … Read more

Freedom of speech: Emma Pope-Welch

It’s still one of the worst things anyone has ever said to her. Emma Pope-Welch was a 12-year-old middle school student in New Hampshire when classmates started bullying her. She had defended another kid who was being taunted with anti-gay slurs. Her goodwill prompted similar attacks on her awkward, unformed sexuality. By the end of … Read more