Recuperative Care Program


A partnership between Maine Medical Center, Greater Portland Health, and Preble Street, this innovative and cutting-edge program provides a space for people experiencing homelessness to rest, heal, and connect with medical care and social work providers after being released from a hospital stay. Recuperative care (also known as medical respite care) services include short-term medical care and case management provided to individuals recovering from an acute illness or injury that generally does not necessitate hospitalization but would be exacerbated by their living conditions (e.g., street, shelter, or other unsuitable places). Numerous studies have found that recuperative care programs reduce hospital readmission, days in the hospital, and visits to the ER, reduce overall medical costs, and improve health outcomes. 

The 15-bed program serves people with acute medical needs and most stays last approximately 4-6 weeks. While this is often not enough time to get someone into housing, it is enough time to lay the foundation toward long-term stability and eventually a permanent home.