What can you do in one year? A look at Preble Street impacts in 2023: Curbside Winter 2023/24

Three Preble Street programs celebrated their first year of operation in 2023! Elena’s Way, a Preble Street Wellness Shelter Elena’s Way serves the needs of individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness, individuals unable to access other shelter services, and individuals who are extremely vulnerable should they be unsheltered. At Elena’s Way, guests have control of their own … Read more

No Homeless Veterans Challenge kicks off!

On Friday, the No Homeless Veterans Challenge kicked off with an event at the University of Southern Maine. A panel featuring U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough, Senator Angus King, and Representative Chellie Pingree was moderated by Dan Hodgkins, Challenge Chair, Senior Director of Social Work, Preble Street. While Mainers are united in the … Read more

The Impact of Social Work

“In my time working here, I’ve been able to provide people with many things. I’ve given people vouchers, I’ve helped people move into apartments, I’ve helped somebody repair their vehicle. I’ve provided all of these material things. But time and time again, when people talk to me about what was most important to them, it’s been … Read more

100 Veterans Housed!

Veteran Housing

100 Maine Veterans who were homeless in 2021 are warm, safe, and housed as we enter the winter months — including a Veteran who had been homeless for over 900 days, and a family with seven children. Thanks to massive outreach by caseworkers and community partners, the 100 Veteran Challenge was a resounding success! Veteran … Read more

Initiative to house 100 Maine Veterans in 100 days

By Chloe Teboe; News Center Maine Homelessness isn’t a new issue, but the pandemic lasting a year and a half and counting has created new and unprecedented challenges. People from all walks of life have been impacted, and one group that is particularly at risk is veterans. According to the Portland-based nonprofit Preble Street, there has … Read more

Permanent housing for 56 veterans and their families

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Jen Tibbals 207-775-0026 x1117 communications@preblestreet.org Preble Street Receives Grant from Disabled Veterans National Foundation PORTLAND, ME (December 11, 2020) Preble Street Veterans Housing Services (VHS) assists veterans and their families in finding and maintaining stable housing and works to end homelessness among veterans throughout Maine. VHS services include case management, intensive … Read more

Senator Angus King signs on to Mayor’s Challenge

“I, Angus King, United States Senator of Maine hereby pledge my support… to the work of the Maine Homeless Veteran Action Committee and the system it has developed to ensure homelessness among military veterans is rare, brief, and non-recurring.”   Senator Angus King is the latest public official to sign onto the Mayor’s Challenge, a call … Read more

Medicaid expansion can help Maine’s homeless veterans access care

Refusal to expand Maine’s Medicaid program has left many homeless veterans to suffer in shelters and on the street. Maine has the fifth highest per capita population of veterans in the nation, and Medicaid is essential for veterans. Yet we have repeatedly turned our backs. Veterans are more likely to experience homelessness than the overall population, and … Read more