TAKE ACTION to support our unsheltered neighbors!

Portland is facing an unprecedented crisis in unsheltered homelessness, and encampment sweeps do not solve the problem. Instead, these sweeps traumatize the already vulnerable people living in these encampments and create another spike in needed items like tents and clothing as bulldozers and trash trucks take away their few possessions. There have not been nearly … Read more

It starts with a meal, or a clean pair of socks

Three years ago this month, in response to the dangers and restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Preble Street reimagined the way we provide meals and casework to people experiencing homelessness, and the Street Outreach Collaborative (SOC) was born. Revisit the 2020 PBS Newshour story about these changes:“Mobile outreach: A lifeline during COVID-19” No longer … Read more

Unsheltered homelessness: No simple answers

The chalk writing on the doors near the Bayside Trail says, “I’m so ignorant to think we’d make it out of this thing TOGETHER…or alive.” The hearts surrounding the message give hope, but the ‘or alive’ just scratches the surface of the despair we all feel knowing that there is no ready, short-term solution for … Read more

Addressing unsheltered homelessness in Maine

No one should have to live outside, but that is what is happening to an unprecedented number of Mainers right now. In Portland, the Parks Department recently counted 102 tents set up by people experiencing homelessness — a new record for the area. The encampment on the Bayside Trail is a visual representation of the fact … Read more

Preble Street statement on Bayside Trail encampment

The encampment on the Bayside Trail is a visual representation of the fact that we are in the midst of a homelessness crisis, a crisis that is occurring all across Maine, not just here in Portland. It is absolutely devastating that so many people are left living outside and unsheltered due to a massive shortage … Read more

Meeting people where they’re at

“I’m so thankful you can stand in as their family when we can’t.”— Parent of a person experiencing unsheltered homelessness and mental health disorders  Unsheltered homelessness is on the rise due to a shortage of shelter beds, lack of affordable housing, and insufficient resources for people with mental health and substance use disorders. In 2022, … Read more

Responding to Winter Weather

Update 2/2/2023: Warming shelters will be available in the Portland area from Friday February 3 to Sunday February 5. The City of Portland, along with community partners and volunteers, will staff a temporary overnight shelter at the Salvation Army’s gymnasium at 297 Cumberland Avenue. The overnight warming shelter will be available from 3pm on Friday, … Read more