250 youth work to reclaim their lives

We meet incredible young people through our programs — youth who, against all odds, overcome barriers and circumstances most of us could not imagine and work to reclaim their lives. Clients are the experts of their own experiences and caseworkers support them in setting and achieving their goals of independence, stability, and safety. Each of … Read more

Preble Street Rapid Re-Housing Program: Serves 100+ People, Saves Maine $1 Million

Preble Street, a nonprofit human service agency with programs throughout Maine, created its Rapid Re-Housing program (RRH) in 2020 to move more people from homelessness to permanent housing. Today, Preble Street announces that the program has officially served 101 individuals and families and housed 77 people. Nearly 90% of people housed through the program have remained stably housed. “We are excited to have reached the milestone of 100 participants … Read more

A home for good

“Before I moved to Huston Commons, I moved at least once a year. I’ve never lived anywhere for five years before. It’s great! This is my home.” — Dawn, one of the first Huston Commons tenants  Huston Commons, the third Preble Street Housing First program to open, turned five this month! That’s five years of … Read more

The Impact of Social Work

“In my time working here, I’ve been able to provide people with many things. I’ve given people vouchers, I’ve helped people move into apartments, I’ve helped somebody repair their vehicle. I’ve provided all of these material things. But time and time again, when people talk to me about what was most important to them, it’s been … Read more

Overcoming the odds together

Women experiencing homelessness face many obstacles on their path to stability and security. Like homeless youth, they are especially vulnerable to violence while trying to survive on the streets. Some have untreated mental illness and/or substance use disorders, are transitioning from incarceration, or have serious medical needs — especially as the population of people experiencing … Read more

Giving Voice: How to honor the memory of a homeless veteran

Along with the resources listed in this article, please visit LandlordsHelp.org to see how you can partner to give a veteran a home. *** The Brunswick community said goodbye to a dear friend last week. As most of you have already read, Russell Williams died alone under the Federal Street bridge in downtown Brunswick on … Read more

Maine works to end homelessness among veterans

So far this year 450 veterans and their families have been served at Preble Street, according to Executive Director Mark Swann. Twenty-five of those veterans entered the shelter system across the state due to homelessness. Preble Street, with the help of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, … Read more

What is "housing first"?

…with housing first, people are given a safe, stable place to live and offered support, whether its for substance use disorder, mental illness, physical health or employment training. “We really feel housing is itself therapeutic,” said Hillary Colcord, the director of Huston Commons, a housing-first facility in Portland. Portland has three separate developments dedicated to … Read more