Ryan’s Story

Over the summer, Teen Services staff and youth collaborated with Cultivating Community to plant and harvest a garden in the Teen Center courtyard. Tomatoes, strawberries, rhubarb, herbs, and an assortment of flowers all flourished, and much of the food was harvested and used by Preble Street Food Programs to prepare


Jojo’s Story

JoJo became a tenant of Florence House after living in both the emergency shelter and safe haven housing in the building. “You have a place to go, you have people to talk to, you have the support of the staff. It’s a lot safer than being out in the streets…


Matthew’s Story

The first time Matthew experienced homelessness was when he was 14. He was living in the woods of rural Maine in a tent by himself. Depression about his situation led to substance use, which led to more depression, and he went a decade without seeing or speaking with his family.