19 years of Site-based Housing First at Logan Place

“For me, eventually, is a key word. It’s my first apartment in 14 years,” shares Kabir. Kabir is the newest resident of Logan Place, Maine’s first Site-based Housing First building, which opened 19 years ago this month. Logan Place has 30 efficiency apartments, with 24-hour on-site support for adults who have experienced chronic homelessness. Kabir … Read more

TAKE ACTION: Tell legislators to fund Site-based Housing First in Maine!

This coming Tuesday, April 4, the Housing Committee will hold a public hearing on LD 2: An Act to Address Maine’s Housing Crisis. This legislation sponsored by Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross will provide funding for the 24-hour-a-day supportive services that make Site-based Housing First a successful solution for people with complex needs experiencing chronic homelessness. … Read more

Housing First: A Solution to Homelessness

Steve “Boomer” Littlefield is 67 years old. For 45 of those years, he experienced chronic homelessness and alcohol use disorder, sleeping mostly outside after some bad experiences in shelters. He survived the frigid Maine winters and nights thanks to his resourcefulness and a sleeping bag that protected him down to -65 degrees. He and hisfriends … Read more

The Impact of Social Work

“In my time working here, I’ve been able to provide people with many things. I’ve given people vouchers, I’ve helped people move into apartments, I’ve helped somebody repair their vehicle. I’ve provided all of these material things. But time and time again, when people talk to me about what was most important to them, it’s been … Read more

Welcome Home

When Ed Page found himself on the streets one cold night in Portland, Maine, the city had few services for the homeless. He found his way to an air vent, and spent the night there trying to keep warm. That was 20 years ago. As the homeless population rose in Portland, service organizations created soup … Read more

John Heald– 2012 "2 Those Who Care" Award Winner

John Heald of Southport has been volunteering with United Cerebral Palsy of Maine (UCP of ME) since 2006. He has served as UCP of ME Board President, as well as on board subcommittees including Executive, Strategic Planning, Governance, Development, Marketing and Merger. John was selected as a Trustee on the National UCP Board. This was … Read more