Important Changes to Food Services

UPDATED 7/7/2020 – details subject to change

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this new best practice model prioritizes the public health of our community and re-imagines the way Preble Street delivers essential services. Due to the public health risk of coronavirus spreading when large numbers of people gather, we are no longer able to provide meals at the Soup Kitchen door. Sunday, July 12 is the last day prepared meals will be given out at 252 Oxford Street — there will be no breakfast, lunch or dinner given out at the Soup Kitchen door after this date.

As of Monday, July 13, 2020:

  • The Resource Center Soup Kitchen & Dining Room is a permanent food production and distribution facility — prepared meals are no longer served or handed out from our 252 Oxford St location.
  • Everyone staying in shelters is able to get three meals 365 days/year at their shelter. This includes Oxford Street Shelter, Milestone Shelter, the Expo Shelter, Florence House Shelter, and the Preble Street Teen Services. Preble Street will provide 3 meals each day for people at the Shelter where they are staying.
  • If a person is experiencing homelessness and unable to stay at one of the shelters, they can access meals twice a day from Preble Street’s new Street Outreach Collaborative — outreach services and 2 meals every day on a mobile basis to small groups at various stops around Portland where clients spend time or have appointments. Morning meals are distributed between 9-10 am and afternoon meals are distributed between 3:30-4:30 pm with services all day helping connect people with shelter, housing, health services, ID’s, clothing, and other things to help them work toward goals. Click here to view the schedule.
  • Food boxes/groceries are still available to pick up at 252 Oxford St Tuesday-Saturday from 1:30-4pm. Everyone who has a place to stay can use the Food Pantry to take food back to their home or where they are staying. We also have food for people who are staying in places with limited cooking ability.

Note: these changes DO NOT impact the Florence House and Teen Center soup kitchens