At-risk youth get a second chance to succeed

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Imagine being 15-years-old, having no family, and being out on the street with everyone telling you that you will never make it. It is the harsh reality for some teens. One program in Portland helps these types of kids prove people wrong. “I wanted to get through school. I knew … Read more

Congress needs to act so Maine’s LGBT homeless youth can get help

Not many issues are bipartisan these days, but thankfully, ending youth homelessness is one of them. In July, Sen. Susan Collins, along with Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, introduced critical legislation that reauthorizes the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, or RHYA, which provides critical support to organizations such as Preble Street that in turn help some … Read more

Increase in homeless teens

STATEWIDE (WGME) — More teens are on the streets. That’s according to the US Department of Education. Members of the Preble Street Resource Center say the number of homeless teens nationwide went up 30% for the 2012/2013 school year, The number of students in Maine going homeless each year is outpacing the national increase. Members … Read more

Former Teen Center client helps kids in need

… Carson was homeless by the time she was 12 and began staying at Preble Street’s Lighthouse Teen Shelter in Portland. Even during that time, however, the guardian’s encouragement was enough to keep Carson from following others at the shelter who spent days aimlessly. Carson knew if she was going to be a lawyer she … Read more

Teen Shelter Success

Once a homeless teen staying at the former Lighthouse (now the Joe Kreisler Teen Shelter), Portland filmmaker Dovid Muyderman is making a movie of his story of resilience and overcoming adversity. Click here to see the 207 video about the Muydermans and homeless teens at Preble Street.

Five for Fighting musician sings for teen shelter

The Joe Kreisler Teen Shelter will get a big boost from Five for Fighting, who is singing in Scarborough at a sold-out concert to raise money for the Preble Street facility. Five for Fighting appears at The Landing in Pine Point on Wednesday, Dec. 11, along with local favorite Amy Allen. Five for Fighting is … Read more

Number of U.S. homeless students at record level: report

The country’s recent economic woes are still being felt in the classroom: The number of homeless American elementary and high school students has hit an all-time high, according to a new federal study released Thursday. According to the U.S. Department of Education, in the 2011-2012 school year some 1,168,354 children ranging from preschool to 12th … Read more

Portland Street Academy puts homeless youth on career path

Even though they are living on the streets, homeless students around town can still pursue their education goals through a remarkable program that gives them support, guidance and direction. The Portland Street Academy, part of Portland Adult Education, has been helping homeless kids graduate high school and look for jobs for 20 years. Joline Friedman … Read more

New teen shelter to bring more kids in from the cold

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Young people in Portland with no place to stay have a new shelter to turn to. The Joe Kreisler Teen Shelter has twenty-four beds, eight more than the current Lighthouse Shelter. It was also designed to be a shelter, so the teens will have more personal space, with areas to … Read more