Increase in homeless teens

1411677303STATEWIDE (WGME) — More teens are on the streets. That’s according to the US Department of Education.

Members of the Preble Street Resource Center say the number of homeless teens nationwide went up 30% for the 2012/2013 school year,

The number of students in Maine going homeless each year is outpacing the national increase. Members of the Preble Street Resource Center say a big reason for the problem is the economy.

“So it’s not surprising that we’re seeing more issues in families that end up breaking families apart. We’re seeing substance abuse in some communities, certainly in Portland, the drug use increases around certain kinds of drugs has driven some of the homelessness and some of the risk of homelessness among youth and also for youth with families where drug use or alcohol is a big issue.” Jon Bradley, Associate Director, Preble Street Resource Center, said.

The Preble Street Resource Center says it’s prepared to help teens find solutions and find homes.