Take Action: Keep hotel shelters open this winter!

TONIGHT, February 7, the South Portland City Council will vote whether to allow hotels in their town to continue serving as emergency shelters until April 30. If denied, many of the individuals and families staying at these hotels will be evicted this month and will need to sleep outside or in their vehicles. This extension … Read more

University of Southern Maine’s Sullivan Gym opens as temporary homeless shelter

The University of Southern Maine’s Sullivan Gymnasium will open Friday as a temporary homeless shelter due to the coronavirus outbreak in the state. The University of Maine System partnered with Preble Street to create the 50-bed shelter. Preble Street is operating the shelter with the help of the Maine State Housing Authority and the Maine … Read more

Preble Street Partners With USM To Open A Shelter In University Gym

The University of Southern Maine says it will partner with Preble Street to convert the Sullivan Gymnasium on the school’s Portland campus to a temporary 24-hour shelter for people experiencing homelessness. In a press release, USM says the shelter will open as soon as possible, and that it is to stay open as long as social distancing guidelines … Read more

Preble Street opening much-needed center for healing

They will not call it a shelter. It will be a “healing center” because, when you’re dealing with women whose lives have descended into violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other traumas, that’s precisely what they need. “They’re the most vulnerable women we serve,” Daniella Cameron, senior director of Teen Services and Anti-Trafficking Services at … Read more

Cutting aid to poor people doesn’t magically make them less poor

Reducing assistance for poor people in the U.S. is a centerpiece of the budget the Trump administration unveiled Tuesday. It calls for huge cuts to Medicaid, Social Security disability payments, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, food assistance and other anti-poverty programs. It also would pass more responsibility for many of these programs to states and … Read more

Maine's homeless brave harsh outdoor conditions

Portland (WGME) – Thousands of Mainers don’t have a place to call home at night. In the winter months many of them turn to emergency shelters, but some of them don’t. It’s hard to imagine but some people are braving the harshest elements Mother Nature has to offer and are sleeping outside. “We find evidence … Read more

Maine homeless shelters require significant costs

PORTLAND (WGME) – It’s a place no one wants or expects to end up – an emergency shelter. Thousands of Mainers are using them and there’s a cost – the human toll and the monetary expense. A night in the shelter is far from comfortable. Clients sleep on mats just inches apart. It can be … Read more