TAKE ACTION: Pass LD 2 to fund Site-based Housing First in Maine!

Maine is on the verge of enacting LD 2: An Act to Address Maine’s Housing Crisis. This legislation sponsored by Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross will provide funding for the 24-hour-a-day supportive services that make Site-based Housing First a successful solution for people with complex needs experiencing chronic homelessness. Site-based Housing First is needed for our most vulnerable Mainers in rural and urban communities across the state.

Preble Street strongly supports this legislation and asks you to reach out to your legislator and ask them to vote in favor of LD 2.

To find out how to contact your Representative and Senator directly, click here.

It is my belief that every single human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that means safe shelter and having their basic needs met. For those experiencing chronic homelessness, we simply aren't meeting our obligations.

How will LD 2 help Maine communities across the state?

  • More Site-based Housing First programs in Maine will help us to end long-term, chronic homelessness in our state and can be effective in both rural and urban communities.
  • A Site-based Housing First approach provides dedicated apartment buildings with on-site, 24/7 professional social work staff providing supportive services and crisis intervention to maximize housing stability and prevent returns to homelessness.
  • Maine needs 400 Site-based Housing First units, which translates to the establishment of 12-15 properties.
  • Site-based Housing First is especially effective for highly vulnerable populations, including the chronically homeless, people sleeping outside, and people with untreated mental and behavioral health and/or substance use disorders.
  • Once people are safe and supported by 24-hour onsite social work staff in permanent housing, they can stabilize and work toward a more fulfilling and independent future; including addressing substance use disorder, focusing on health, education, or employment, and rebuilding relationships with friends and family.

Site-based Housing First Saves Lives

Lawmakers consider program that could mitigate chronic homelessness in Maine

"Everybody down here is so happy for me. They don't feel angry," Kimmy shared with NewsCenter Maine about her move into Housing First. "They're like, 'Kim you need this. You walked through [expletive] hell and came out the other side."

Excerpts from Testimony on LD 2

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