Take Action: Keep hotel shelters open this winter!

TONIGHT, February 7, the South Portland City Council will vote whether to allow hotels in their town to continue serving as emergency shelters until April 30. If denied, many of the individuals and families staying at these hotels will be evicted this month and will need to sleep outside or in their vehicles. This extension would save people from literally being turned out in the cold, and give Preble Street and our partners more time to find alternative shelter and housing for them. Thankfully, the South Portland City Manager and staff are recommending that the Council approve this extension. But we still need your help! 

Unfortunately, the City has added an amendment that would issue fines to hotels who allow individuals or families currently using the hotel shelters to pay to remain in any hotel in South Portland as of May 1. It is very common for people with low-income in Maine to pay off-season rates to stay in hotels due to the severe shortage of affordable housing in our state. By subjecting all individuals who are currently sheltered in the Days Inn or Comfort Inn to these restrictions, the City of South Portland forces these folks to seek shelter elsewhere, disregarding any community ties and resources that they may have in South Portland.

Please email or call the South Portland City Council before tonight’s meeting and:

  • Thank the City Manager for his recommendation of an extension and ask the council to support it
  • Ask that the amendment forbidding people from utilizing hotels after April 30 be denied

South Portland City Council email addresses:,,,,,,

South Portland City Manager contact information: