Top stories from 2022

It’s incredible what can be accomplished when we work together for the greater good, and 2022 was another example of that here at Preble Street. From opening brand-new programs like the Elena’s Way Wellness Shelter to celebrating milestone anniversaries of programs like the site-based Housing First program Huston Commons to continuing to expand and improve the facilities we opened last year at the Healing Center and Food Security Hub, we are all really proud of everything we do at this agency. And at the foundation of all of it is the impact of social work from our front-line staff who change and save lives every day.  

"Housing saves the community money, but more importantly, housing saves lives.”

“In my time working here...I’ve helped people move into apartments, I’ve helped somebody repair their vehicle. I’ve provided all of these material things. But when people talk to me about what was most important to them, it’s been the fact that I listened to them, I looked them in the eye, I knew their name, and I was willing to listen to their story."

A home for good

April 2022

“Before I moved to Huston Commons, I moved at least once a year. I’ve never lived anywhere for five years before. It’s great! This is my home.”

“I was feeling really discouraged, but after I got in touch with Rapid Re-Housing, they got me into an apartment so fast! I called and that opened the door for me to get help from Haley [RRH caseworker, pictured here with George] to get me started and get me motivated and going in the right direction. She helped me figure out what I needed to do to get a place.”

More than food

July 2022

“Just providing food is not enough. Pantries, soup kitchens, and other emergency food resources need to prioritize nutrition over calories and begin taking steps towards sustainable and nutrient dense diets.”

Nick’s story

September 2022

“My life changed from being completely homeless, sleeping in a tent, and living in chaos from moment to moment to maintaining my recovery and having a steady place to stay.”

“Instead of living moment-to-moment in a state of crisis, there is a sense of permanence that allows people to rest and stabilize. This creates the opportunity for them to pursue long-term goals and take the first steps to more permanent housing.”

"Every year in Maine, at least 15,000 youth and young adults experience the tragedy of homelessness."