Volunteer of the Month: Megan

Volunteering at Preble Street Food Programs involves a lot of scrubbing, chopping, and cooking, but the heart of the work reaches beyond the day to day of a kitchen. Volunteers bring kindness, insight, dedication, and compassion — and lots of puns and wit in the case of Volunteer of the Month Megan Ladd.

“The conversation never fades when she’s here,” says kitchen staff at Florence House.

When a tenant is having a tough day, Megan’s grace and humor put everyone at ease. She is a calm, consistent presence and can talk to anyone about anything. Megan makes the people around her feel seen, listened to, and understood.

“It’s an incredible gift to someone who has been homeless and felt invisible to the world,” remark staff.

Megan, thank you for offering your time, humor, and compassion to the people we serve.