Stuff the Bus food drive delivers to Preble Street

As we mentioned yesterday, radio station Rewind 100.9 was “stuffing the bus” to help feed hungry Mainers, and today they un-stuffed that bus. Dozens of community volunteers, including Senator Angus King, came out to unload the bus filled with several tons of food items, all going to the Preble Street soup kitchen and pantry. Preble Street serves three meals a day, every day for those in need, as well as distributes groceries to around 200 families every week through its food pantry.

Volunteer Manager Tori Stenbak said, “It’s really amazing to see how the community has come together to support what we are doing here. I mean, there are just so many people in need. And it’s going to be really heart-warming to get these meals out there.”

Rewind 100.9’s stuff the bus food drive is the largest food drive in Maine, bringing over a million pounds of food to Preble Street over the past nine years.