"Shop for a Cause" Day draws shoppers to Portland



Hundreds shopped in Portland Saturday to support local businesses in “Small Business Saturday.”

41 different businesses participated in “Shop for a Cause” day, which coincided with “Small Business Saturday.” Businesses donated a portion of the day’s profits to the Preble Street Resource Center.

“It’s nice to explore some of these independent stores instead of the big chains, especially on a day like today,” said AJ Bouffard, who drove from Biddeford into Portland to check out the Fish & Bone store on Commercial Street.

Coffee By Design general manager Kevin Gaspardy said the company would give 10 percent of its profits Saturday from each of its five locations.

“Even though maybe it would be really beneficial to have that extra 10 percent in our own pocket, it comes back to community and we’re supporting the local community,” said Lizz Walsh, who works at CBD. “It makes me feel proud and happy that our customers coming to support us will in turn help someone else so it’s like a chain of giving.”

AJ said he did not know that the profits would go to charity.

“We’re thankful for the things we have, so it’s good to be able to give back,” said Bouffard.