Snow doesn't stop volunteers from helping needy

PORTLAND, Maine -The snow may be slowing a lot of Thanksgiving plans, but not for two local groups serving those in need this holiday.

They were hard at work Wednesday afternoon getting set for events on Thursday to help hundreds of people.

Just as the first flakes fell, volunteers at Preble Street started the heavy lifting, unloading thousands of pounds of food collected through the Stuff the Bus campaign.

"With a combination of actual food and buying power, 101,600 pounds of food. Just an incredible outpouring of support for the community," said Chuck Igo with Preble Street.

The weather didn’t stop the work, stocking the kitchen and officials said it won’t stop them on Thanksgiving when they plan to serve dinner.

"So if the roads are clear, the sidewalks especially for our folks, they’ll get around it, but they’ll always have a place to be. There’ll still be three meals a day, in addition to our special Thanksgiving meals," said Jon Bradley, associate director of Preble Street.

Bradley said there’s a number of people who tend to find other places to stay on Thanksgiving with family or friends, but it could be different this year because of the storm.

"We may see a jump tonight, but we may also see it flatten out because there may be some people who find other places to go," said Bradley.

The kitchen at Wayside was also a flurry of activity on Wednesday with volunteers braving the weather to help prepare dinner for nearly 400 people.

"I don’t think it will be a problem tomorrow, we’ve had snowy winters before and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with people who want to come out," said Mary Zwolinski, executive director at Wayside.

Thirty-six turkeys have been seasoned, cooked and prepared by DiMillo’s.