Take action on LD 211 – #ShelterIsAHumanRight

UPDATED MARCH 1: As we wait for the Labor and Housing Committee to hold a work session on LD 211, please continue to email them your support of this bill. More information at Step 3 on the list below. TODAY, February 17, is the public hearing for LD 211: An Act to Support Emergency Shelter … Read more

ACTION ALERT: Support emergency shelter in Maine!

Safe, dignified shelter is a human right, yet thousands of Mainers experience unsheltered homelessness on any given night. We need your voice or written statements on Wednesday, February 17 at 10am during a remote, public hearing on LD 211: An Act to Support Emergency Shelter Access for Persons Experiencing Homelessness. This bill seeks to provide … Read more


Thanks to your advocacy and love, the City of Portland Planning Board voted to approve the conditional use application for the Preble Street Wellness Shelter last night!   THANK YOU to all who wrote or called in and voiced your support for your neighbors in need! Over 1,000 of you spoke up to ensure that … Read more

ACTION ALERT: Act before January 1 to save people from living outside

At a public hearing NEXT WEEK on Tuesday, January 5 the City of Portland Planning Board will vote on the Preble Street conditional use application to open a permanent, specialized 24/7 Wellness Shelter at 5 Portland Street. Thank you to everyone who made their voices heard at the Planning Board workshops in October and early December. This … Read more

Act now to save people from living outside

The only thing standing between 40 human beings and safety, food, hope, and professional social work services this winter and beyond is permission from the City of Portland to convert a Preble Street day shelter into a 24/7 Wellness Shelter. Like the highly successful shelter we operated over the summer at the University of Southern Maine Sullivan … Read more