Preble Street Board Profile – Joe Ingream: Curbside Spring/Summer 2024

How did you first get involved with Preble Street?

My first experience working with Preble Street was volunteering at their former soup kitchen in downtown Portland. I volunteered many times with my daughters while they were in middle school and high school. I also volunteered several times with colleagues prior to joining OneAmerica Financial. The experiences were always super rewarding, and I knew at some point in my career I’d pursue a broader role with Preble Street.

What do you do when you’re not at Preble Street?

I am the senior vice president and head of Employee Benefits at OneAmerica Financial and am responsible for all aspects of the company’s group benefits business, including overseeing strategy, distribution, finance, underwriting, product development, operations, and service. I also serve as the Executive Sponsor for OneAmerica’s Veterans Business Resource Group.

I live in Scarborough, Maine, with my wife, Stacey, and three daughters. I have been active with the local education foundation and as a youth coach for softball and soccer. I’m a former board member for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine. I enjoy playing golf, biking, and travelling. Most recently I had the chance to travel to New Zealand and Australia.

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations in southern Maine. Why do you think Preble Street stands out in the crowd? What is it that Preble Street does better than anyone else?

Preble Street plays a key role in helping families who are facing challenges by providing them with dignity and opportunity. This organization is on 24/7 to meet the needs of Mainers each day – something that not every organization can do. I am in awe of the leadership team’s dedication and commitment to this meaningful work. I’m also very excited to work with the Veteran Housing Services arm of Preble Street.

Why is giving back to the community important to you?

Giving back to the community is something that I value. Having spent my career in the employee benefits industry and my personal experience observing those who served in our military transition to civilian life, I know that any one of us can face challenges that may require assistance from friends, family, or the wider community. I would highly encourage fellow Mainers to get involved with Preble Street to help us support those facing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty. It is a privilege to give back, and our support is critical to achieving better outcomes.

What are the specific projects/aspects of Preble Street that you are committed to?

Preble Street has a comprehensive Veterans Housing Services program, offering various and extensive services to Veterans experiencing homelessness to support a successful transition into housing. I am deeply honored and excited to contribute my expertise in support of Preble Street’s mission. As a Veteran and a member of the Portland community, I am particularly keen on making a positive difference towards Veterans experiencing homelessness.

Being a nonprofit board member can be very demanding and time-consuming. What makes it all worthwhile?

I consider it an honor to be a part of the Preble Street board. Being able to see the direct impact this organization has on so many in the community is extremely rewarding. Thanks to the nationally recognized services and strategies offered by Preble Street, we can make a meaningful difference and put people on the path towards a brighter future.

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Cito Selinger

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How did you get involved with Preble Street? I came to the Preble Street board in 2005 via Stone Soup, a Preble Street subsidiary whose mission was to train folks in the culinary arts. When I joined the board, I think I was one of four lawyers. At first, I wondered what I could contribute.

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