Preble Street takes a NO position on Question A

Preble Street, a nonprofit human service agency serving people throughout Maine, is taking a ‘NO’ position on Question A, the June 13 ballot initiative in the city of Portland that would eliminate limits on rent increases upon new tenancy. The law currently caps rent increases at 5% upon new tenancy.

In 2022 and 2022, Portland voters voted to approve updates to the city’s rent control ordinance. The current ordinance now limits annual rent increases to 70% of the rate of inflation plus additional increases that can be sought in a limited number of scenarios, including the 5% allowed when a tenant voluntarily moves out. Rent increases also are limited to no more than 10% annually.

Maine is in a housing crisis and has an extremely tight rental market. Homes are less available and less affordable, leading to people spending longer periods of time experiencing homelessness. Preble Street is committed to ensuring that our communities can offer safe, affordable, permanent housing as we continue to meet the immediate shelter needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Maine.