New non-traditional 24/7 shelter, ‘Elena’s Way,’ to open in Portland in mid-October

 Preble Street’s new 24/7 shelter is set to open next week as a non-traditional model to help people struggling to find stable housing.

“Elena’s Way” will offer 40 beds as permanent spaces for people experiencing homelessness. Staff will target those who either cannot or will not stay in the city’s shelters, such as those with mental health and substance use disorders, to live at the shelter.

The facility has true beds, not cots or mats. Each bed has its own electrical outlets to charge phones. The beds are spaced out, and the space features lots of natural light.

Clients can access mail, laundry, casework, and even medical care on-site. They can also access warm meals and refrigerated food and drinks at any time, as opposed to the scheduled meal times the old resource center and other shelters offer.

“Beds that people can lay down in during the day. That’s different than almost any other shelter in Portland right now,” Preble Street Vice President of Social Work, Andrew Bove, said. “It’s a rebirth of the space. It’s great to see the next chapter.”

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Photo credit: Sandy Agrafiotis