CURRENT ACTION: Say YES to Build Back Better!

The Senate is set to vote on The Build Back Better package, which includes crucial investments in families, child nutrition, healthcare and affordable housing. Tell Susan Collins to support this critical legislation!

Build Back Better will:

  • save most American families more than half of their spending on childcare
  • deliver two years of free preschool for every 3 and 4-year-old
  • extend the expanded Child Tax Credit
  • expand access to high-quality home care for older Americans and people with disabilities.
  • expand affordable healthcare coverage by reducing premiums for more than 9 million Americans
  • deliver health care coverage to up to 4 million uninsured people in states that have locked them out of Medicaid
  • help older Americans access affordable hearing care by expanding Medicare
  • make the single largest and most comprehensive investment in affordable housing in history
  • cut taxes for 17 million low-wage workers by extending the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit

“This legislation will be paid for in ways that restore fairness to the tax code and ask the very wealthy and profitable corporations to pay their fair share. When we all contribute, we all will have the opportunity to succeed.” — Vision for an Equitable Maine

Please contact Senator Collins TODAY and urge her to support the Build Back Better Act.