LD 1238 would deny shelter access to transgender people

UPDATE MAY 3, 2021: The Judiciary Committee will be taking public testimony on this bill at a public hearing this Thursday, May 6 at 9am. We need you to contact the Judiciary Committee to express why this bill should not be passed. Please email the Committee members, submit written testimony, or testify live in opposition to the bill. You may use the information below in your email and testimony.

Maine is facing anti-transgender legislation. LD 1238: An Act to Protect Women’s Single-Sex Shelters would allow women’s shelters in our state to refuse access to people who are transgender. According to The National Alliance to End Homelessness, 63% of transgender individuals experiencing homelessness are unsheltered, compared to 49% of their cisgender counterparts. People who cannot access emergency shelter face devastating consequences.

No one should experience discrimination and exclusion due to their gender identity. For many years, Preble Street has supported transgender individuals in sheltering in places that affirm their identity, and we follow best practices around gender identity at the Joe Kreisler Teen Shelter and the Florence House shelter for women.

Shelter is a human right and Preble Street is against this bill. Join us in contacting the Judiciary committee to express why this bill should not be passed.