Federal report highlights Maine’s reduction of homelessness

“There’s been a lot of social services throughout the state of Maine that have been working collaboratively, together, to really make a dent and helping people out of homelessness,” Preble Street Deputy Director Donna Yellen said.

She says that despite the decrease in people experiencing homelessness, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

“This is a problem that is far from over, in fact, we’re nervous that this is changing [for the worse],” Yellen said.

She says that driving to work, there are more people visibly homeless on the streets than she’s ever seen before.

“Those are our brothers and sisters, and they deserve better than huddling in the doorway in their jackets,” Yellen said. “Every night that it’s cold like it is right now, some of these vulnerable people, who have a lot of mental health needs, will not make it through the night.”

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