Bill Nemitz: Tell legislators to save bill that could prevent more opioid deaths

Imagine you’re volunteering at the Preble Street soup kitchen in Portland because it’s the holidays and you’re a good person and this is what good people do this time of year.

Across the table from you sits a homeless woman. She’s addicted to opioids, and it being the holidays and all, she has what those in social services call a “moment of clarity.”

“I’m ready,” she says, more of a plea than an observation. “I need help.”

Now what?

In a perfect world, as Preble Street Executive Director Mark Swann noted last week, a social worker would “jump on that,” recognize the opportunity for what it is and immediately steer that person toward recovery and, fingers crossed, a better life.

But Maine, for all the talking we do about opioid addiction, is far from a perfect world.

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