L.L. Bean announces $125,000 donation to Preble Street in Leon Gorman’s name

BRUNSWICK – L.L. Bean’s board has approved donations of $125,000 apiece to Preble Street and to create a scholarship fund in the name of the company’s late leader, Leon Gorman.

The announcement was made Thursday as Southern Maine Community College dedicated a new building, the L.L. Bean Learning Commons and Health Science Center in Brunswick. The outdoors retailer donated $700,000 to support equipment and technology and for landscaping at the campus at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

Company Chairman Shawn Gorman announced the additional contributions in Leon Gorman’s name.

Leon Gorman volunteered for years serving breakfast to the homeless at the Preble Street Resource Center, and the scholarship will help those who couldn’t otherwise go to college. Leon Gorman, grandson of L.L. Bean, died last month at 80.