Portland 'Sit In' Aims to Shed Light on Plight of Homeless

PORTLAND, Maine – Homeless advocates from around the state are today holding their annual “sit out” in downtown Portland.

The event known as the “Longest Day Vigil” takes place from sunrise until sunset and is intended to draw attention to the realities of being homeless.

Among those taking part is 22-year-old Tim Katruch, originally from Naples, Maine. He says he’s been homeless for the last five years, and is currently sleeping in a tent in Portland.

Katruch says he is looking for a job, but he also begs for money by holding up a sign. “At the moment I’m signing because I’m trying to find a job, and I’ll do that until I get a job.”

Advocates say the summer months typically see an increase in the state’s homeless population, making it harder to keep track of them and offer help.