Michaud Remembers Homeless Voices for Justice Advocate's "Warm Smile, Big Heart"

… A few weeks ago, I visited the Preble Street Resource Center, a homeless shelter in Portland, for breakfast and a forum held by Homeless Voices for Justice.

When I got there, I met my breakfast buddy, Rebecca. She walked me around, introducing me to the people at the shelter, her friends and colleagues who volunteer to empower our neighbors who have the least.

Rebecca made a real impression on me – her warm smile, her big heart, her optimism.

Rebecca passed away suddenly, not long after my visit to Preble Street, too young to go, and it broke my heart.

She didn’t have insurance. By the time she got the care she needed, it was too late.

Now her friends are terrified the same thing will happen to them. What a horrible fear, what a horrible burden to carry. It doesn’t have to be this way …

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