Rotarians practice "service above self" at Preble Street

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — You might notice the Rotary symbol that’s posted on several town signs, or maybe you’ve enjoyed the delicious food at a Rotary Fair booth. At it’s core though, the club is about a lot more than that and the members of the South Portland Cape Elizabeth Rotary are an excellent example of that.

The SPCE Rotary has around 50 members that belong to the club, attending weekly meetings and discussing membership duties. The place where you really understand what the club is all about though isn’t at a round table, but out in the community.

"Many members who have belonged to this club, 30, 40, 50 years and some people who have joined three or four weeks ago," said club president, Kathy Cotter.

Those members make sure to honor the motto of "service above self" as much as possible. Joe Conroy is one of the longest running members of the SPCE Rotary. He was there when the club was founded in the early 1960’s and organized the volunteering that happens at Prebble Street Resource Center 15 years ago.

"The motto, the mantra, is service above self," said Conroy.

The next SPCE Rotary community event is going to be held July 27th. They will have their annual Spring Point 5K Race at 8 AM at Bug Light Park in South Portland.

Video here.