More snow and bitter cold, and it’s not over

Tuesday’s cold, and the forecast for more snow, sent social service outreach workers into the woods and alleys of Portland, looking to convince vulnerable people to seek shelter from the elements.

Peggy Lynch, outreach coordinator for Preble Street, and Bill Burns, the coordinator of the social service agency’s adult day shelter, trudged through deep snow on the city’s outskirts Tuesday afternoon, scouting some of the area’s campsites to make sure homeless people had enough blankets and warm clothes.

Lynch carried a donated pair of winter boots for a person who might run the risk of frostbite with shoes that weren’t insulated.

Burns said some homeless people choose to live far from the city’s center, and can be vulnerable with no one to check on their well-being.

"The calculus is trying not to be detected by police or property owners and still have a sense of safety," Burns said. "Obviously, we want more housing for everybody because people should not have to choose." [Click here to read the full news article on the Portland Press Herald website]