Letter to the Editor: Mark Swann, Preble Street making a real difference

No doubt, Mark Swann should receive recognition for his long-term efforts on behalf of the many homeless helped by Preble Street and its affiliates. If it were possible, those very people now and in the past would give him a medal. As it is, I am quite sure that they have a heartfelt gratitude that onlookers may not be aware of.

It has been my great pleasure to offer very limited casual employment to some men from Preble Street. I have observed the crowd waiting to be admitted to the day center in the mornings, and seen them interacting with each other and staff when the center is open. Preble Street is the place where these folks can take a breath, pass some less stressful time, come to know each other and nurture what hope remains in their often troubled lives.

The guys who worked with me have been good workers. They have told me of the importance of Preble Street in their lives. They are, indeed, grateful. If you are in need of help, you should go there and offer employment to the willing.

You will not be sorry. Your eyes may be opened. You, too, may be grateful, as I am, for Preble Street, Mr. Swann and the people who, working together, are making a real difference for our homeless neighbors.