Preble Street volunteer wins 6 Who Care award

Barry D. Pfouts feeds the bodies, hearts, minds, and souls of homeless youth in Greater Portland. For more than eight years he has devoted four days each week to preparing meals for at the Preble Street Teen Center, but what he bring to the Center is far more than simply food prep and service. He acts as a mentor, teacher, and confidant to young men and women who have few positive adult role models in their lives. He give individual attention while they do community service, job training, or even a few hours of volunteer work to get a break from the streets.

A retired marketing executive, Barry also makes time to support his wife Joanne’s volunteer work at the HART Animal Shelter, primarily serving felines. He is the semi-official caregiver of the “wharf cats” of Chandler’s Wharf in Portland, providing this feral but quietly important cat community with food, veterinary care, and shelter… all at his own expense.

Barry helps to meet the basic need of providing warm, nutritious meals to teens; his wisdom and wealth of life experience combine with his sense of humor and unconditional positive regard for all people. He cares about the kids, and they care back. Barry was awarded Preble Street’s 2004 Volunteer of the Year. The long duration of his commitment and the depth of his relationships make the Center more welcoming and enriching for the teens who need it.