Spaghetti Supper For Needy

Hundreds stood in line for hours to eat spaghetti served by the Governor. The meal was a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that helps the poor and homeless.
The Catholic Church just cut funding for the group saying it violated the rules a grant by associating with those that support same sex marriage.

Governor Baldacci hosted the fundraiser saying while he doesn’t have a problem with the church and its decision to cut the funding, he wants to make sure those going without, get the help they need.
The fundraiser is in reaction to the Catholic Diocese’s withholding of funds from the Homeless Voices for Justice. It’s parent organization is the Preble Street Resource Center. Preble Street says the loss in funds amount to a fifty-thousand dollar hole in its budget.

The Diocese says Preble Street came out in favor of same sex marriage this fall, which violates the rules in the grant, that was later pulled.

The lack of funding for Preble Street brought out hundreds, who lined up outside….all wanting to donate during the fundraiser….many upset at how the funds were taken away.

The dinner cost five dollars. Preble Street says many paid more just to help the organization that feeds about a thousand needy Mainers each day.
The Diocese did not return calls for comment, but has said in the past the church is the largest charitable organization in the state.Spaghetti Supper For Needy