Elizabeth’s Story

U.S. Air Force Veteran, Elizabeth, who served in the 1950s, unexpectedly fell into homelessness in 2021. She immediately connected with Preble Street Veterans Housing Services (VHS), who secured her a room in a hotel shelter until she could find permanent housing.

“I can’t say enough about Chelli (VHS caseworker),” shared Elizabeth. “She has been there every step of the way. She is so willing to listen and not criticize. The Preble Street caseworkers I’ve talked to always listen and respond in a non-critical, non-judgmental way. No matter what I need, no matter how small it would seem to anybody else, they never make me feel less than or not worthy of their time.”

Elizabeth is an incredible advocate for herself, and with the help of her caseworker she was able to find an apartment that fit her needs within three months! She continues to work with her caseworker to ensure her basic needs are met and that she is able to maintain her housing.

Elizabeth, VHS client

Erin’s Story

Erin’s Story On a beautiful, sunny day in May, Erin talks about her home with a bright smile on her face. “It’s so comforting to know you’re home. It’s your home. It’s just a sense of security you don’t have when you’re in the shelter.” Five years ago, Erin and her partner, Jackson, lost their

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Nick’s Story

Nickolas has an easy smile and an incredible self-awareness that seems uncommon among people in their mid to late twenties. Growing up, he lived with his siblings and his mother, who did her best to raise her children, but suffered from substance use disorder. After aging out of foster care at age 18, Nickolas experienced

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Dominick’s Story

Twenty-one-year-old Dominick is working day-by-day to build a better life for himself. A rap artist, he writes and performs songs about his experiences, hoping to ensure that Maine youth don’t feel as alone and unsupported as he did when he was younger.    “When I was fifteen, I was very angry and bitter. I was just

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