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February 02, 2016

Outstanding Citizen Award

The Portland Police Department awarded Bill Burns, Preble Street Resource Center coordinator, with an "Outstanding Citizen" commendation at its annual award breakfast on January 30.

In presenting the commendation, Major Donald Krier, who has worked closely with Resource Center staff, observed that police officers and social workers might approach things differently, but Bill has been instrumental in helping officers understand that social work values can help ensure positive community relations and fair and respectful resolution to community problems.

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January 26, 2016

Congrats, Pierce Atwood!

Congratulations to our friends at Pierce Atwood LLP, who were recently recognized at the Maine State Bar Association’s annual meeting for their commitment to providing pro bono counsel to those who need, but cannot access legal representation:

Pierce Atwood is one of more than a dozen law firms to participate in the Maine Homeless Legal Project, providing free council at the Preble Street Resource Center to some of the most vulnerable people in Maine. In the last two years, lawyers from the Maine Homeless Legal Project have helped dozens of homeless Mainers who would otherwise be unable to afford representation.

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January 31, 2016

Our View: Food banks’ rapid growth shows Maine falling short

... Charities rely on volunteer labor and a patchwork of organizations, each with its own rules and goals. Only the government is big enough to consistently penetrate every corner of the state and get food to the people who need it.

And even if there were no gaps for people to fall through in the web of these well-intentioned organizations, feeding the hungry should not be considered a matter of choice. Just like clean water, public safety and education, making sure that everyone has enough to eat is an obligation of a just society, not something that’s done only when individuals feel generous ...

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