No Homeless Veterans Challenge

No Homeless Veterans: The Way Maine Could Be

Organizations and individuals across Maine are coming together to house 100 Veterans in 100 days!

Mainers are united in the belief that no Veteran should have to endure the struggle of homelessness. To reach the goal of ending Veteran homelessness in Maine by June of 2025 we are building a coalition to take on this solvable problem.

To jump start the push to end Veteran homelessness in our state welaunched the No Homeless Veteran Challenge on August 4th, 2023. There are currently over 200 Maine Veterans in homeless shelters, sleeping outside, or living in their cars and other places not meant for human habitation. This is not the way Maine should be. Partners throughout the state are working together to house at least 100 Veterans by Veterans Day. The ambitious goal of housing 100 Veterans in 100 days can be met, but we need the help of all Mainers.

I am landlord and want to partner!
I’m a Veteran in need of services
I’m an individual and want to help!
I’m a member of the media and want to cover the Challenge!

Landlords: You hold the keys to ending Veteran homelessness

Landlords play a critical role in our effort, and we want to partner with you! Renting to a Veteran who is experiencing homelessness will not only make our community better, it also comes with benefits for you.

Advantages for landlords who lease up Veterans during the No Homeless Veterans Challenge include:

  • Each Veteran referred to a landlord for housing will have a financial plan to pay for rent
  • Veterans will continue to receive casework and other support services after they are housed
  • Landlords can contact staff if any issues arise during the tenancy
  • Landlords will receive a bonus payment of at least $1,000 for any Veteran they lease up for one year
  • Landlords will also have access to a Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund which can reimburse landlords up to $1,500 for any damage or unpaid rent that is not covered by the security deposit

If you are a landlord with units you would like to pledge to Veterans experiencing homelessness or would like more information, please fill out the contact form below.

I come from a family with a long line of military service in multiple branches. Veterans services is a cause that is near to my heart, and through Preble Street, we have been able to assist many veterans in their housing journey. The team at Preble Street is extremely communicative and open about the needs of their clients, and always steps up to the plate to assist in every way they can. Through Padmission, we are able to easily list our available units in one place, making accessibility easier for the clients. We will continue to work with Preble Street in the future as I am secure in knowing the range of their services is broad and always evolving to assist Veterans, first. I encourage other property managers and owners to work with Preble Street. Their respect, dedication, and kindness in their work with our service members is unmatched in the field, and I always know when talking with Preble Street staff that the best interest of the client is always the most important need to be met.

Other ways to support the challenge

Individuals: We need your help!

Your donation will help Veterans housed through the challenge pay for expenses including rent, moving costs, and more. 

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