Landlords Help


Support Maine veterans experiencing homelessness

Preble Street Veterans Housing Services is a member of the Maine Homeless Veterans Action Committee (HVAC), an alliance existing to ensure veteran homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring. Our goal is to create a system in which a veteran experiencing homelessness will be connected to housing within 90 days of being identified.

In 2018

  • 201 veterans experiencing homelessness permanently housed — up from 192 in 2017
  • 36 veterans experiencing chronic homelessness permanently housed
  • 57 veterans entered non-permanent housing (e.g. rehab facilities)

Goals for 2020

  • End chronic and long-term homelessness among veterans in Maine
  • Maintain an average of 90 days from homelessness to housing
  • Partner with 20 new landlords across the state

Veteran homelessness is a SOLVABLE problem.

To cross the finish line and end veteran homelessness in Maine, we need landlords! By partnering with us, landlords gain access to resources they wouldn’t otherwise have:

  • Community of highly organized, closely coordinated service providers
  • Financial assistance
  • Trained staff support
  • Supportive services for veteran tenants

If you have available units and want to rent them to veterans experiencing homelessness, list them on Padmission, our free, user friendly listing database.

For more information, contact:
David Lambert, Preble Street Veterans Housing Services Statewide Housing Liaison
207-775-0026 ext. 1295 /


Support Maine youth experiencing homelessness

First Place is a highly supportive transitional living program where young people aged 16-21 learn to live independently. The program supports housing for young people who have the will and the drive to develop the skills to succeed.

Become a First Place Landlord!

By partnering with us, landlords gain access to resources they wouldn’t otherwise have:

  • Rent: We guarantee 100% rental payment for the duration of the lease.
  • Support: Staff meet with the youth 1-3 times a week to continue developing independent living skills.
  • Home visits: A First Place representative visits at least weekly to ensure the apartment is clean and there are no maintenance needs.
  • Damage/Security Deposit: Preble Street provides a full security deposit as well as coverage of damages outside of “normal wear and tear” when needed.

For more information, contact:
Preble Street First Place
207-775-0026 ext. 1307 /