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COVID-19 has been hard on Veterans.

In Maine, there was an 84% increase in Veteran homelessness in the first year of the pandemic. The pandemic and affordable housing crisis extended the amount of time it took to connect people experiencing homelessness to housing from an average of 86 to 232 days.

In August 2021, we launched a Challenge to quickly house 100 Veterans using a housing surge intervention model recommended by HUD.

To cross the finish line, we need landlords! 


All Veterans in our program:

All landlords have someone they can call.

For more information, contact 100 Veteran Challenge Staff:
207-956-6557 /

100 Veteran Challenge in the News

We will not refer a client unless we believe it will work financially. If we are referring a client to you, we have a plan.

We build genuine, trusting relationships with the people we serve, and with client consent we’re able to share information to help you with admission decisions.

Our program provides professional support for you and your tenants. If you work with us, and a tenant issue arises, we can help mediate and resolve tenant issues through the professional support we provide.

We work with clients both before and after they are housed, and for as long as they need to ensure stability. If a client is no longer enrolled in our program, our outreach staff can still provide check-ins.

Supporting Veterans experiencing homelessness helps individuals and the greater community. If you have available units and want to rent them to Veterans experiencing homelessness, list them on Padmission, our free, user friendly listing database.

I come from a family with a long line of military service in multiple branches. Veterans services is a cause that is near to my heart, and through Preble Street, we have been able to assist many veterans in their housing journey. The team at Preble Street is extremely communicative and open about the needs of their clients, and always steps up to the plate to assist in every way they can. Through Padmission, we are able to easily list our available units in one place, making accessibility easier for the clients. We will continue to work with Preble Street in the future as I am secure in knowing the range of their services is broad and always evolving to assist Veterans, first. I encourage other property managers and owners to work with Preble Street. Their respect, dedication, and kindness in their work with our service members is unmatched in the field, and I always know when talking with Preble Street staff that the best interest of the client is always the most important need to be met.

Rachel J Čebra, Property Manager, Central Maine Property Management


Gold Key Partner – Leases up six Veteran households

  • Gold level acknowledgement in print media
  • Gold Key Partner Logo for landlord’s website
  • Gold Key Partner Plaque to display
  • Social Media recognition for participation

Silver Key Partner – Leases up four Veteran households

  • Silver level acknowledgement in print media
  • Silver Key Partner Logo for landlord’s website
  • Silver Key Partner Plaque to display

Bronze Key Partner – Leases up two Veteran households

  • Bronze level acknowledgement in print media
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The 100 Veteran: Housing Heroes Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund (LRMF) is a pool of funds that is designed to provide additional security for landlords who are considering a rental application for someone who may have barriers to housing. The LRMF offers up to $1,500 — in addition to the security deposit — toward rental arrears and damage repair for covered participants.

All leases for Preble Street Veterans Housing Services (VHS) clients are signed by the Veteran client. While Preble Street VHS has available funding to assist with rent and other approved expenses on a short-term basis, we cannot act as a guarantor of funds on a lease. 

The role of Preble Street Veterans Housing Services (VHS) is to support Veteran tenants so they can meet the terms of their lease and be successful in rental housing. We help tenants overcome challenges in their tenancy, but we are not able to enforce rental-housing laws on the landlord’s behalf. Working with VHS in no way impacts a landlord’s duty to follow all applicable rental housing laws.

Our goal is to provide landlords and tenants with an open line of communication to solve Landlord-Tenant concerns before the need of escalation. If you have any questions or concerns about a specific Veteran renting from you, please contact the case manager or organization working with that client.

Padmission is a vacancy listing service, which provides landlords a free space to post vacancies for their units in a closed system, which will be visible to Preble Street Veterans Housing Services (VHS) and other Veteran service organizations in Maine to help place Veterans in available units. Creating an account and posting vacancies is completely free to landlords. Contact Molly Herman, VHS Housing Liaison Supervisor at for more information. 

Following the end of a lease, we hope the landlord will choose to keep the participant in the unit and allow them to transition-in-place and sign a lease themselves, allowing the apartment to remain filled while preventing turnover. Each tenant is eligible for a Section 8 housing voucher to help keep rent affordable.

Preble Street clients are eligible for support from caseworkers for up to a year after they sign their own lease. Once a tenant has graduated from our services, we still encourage landlords and tenants to contact our program if issues pertaining to housing stability emerge.