Resource Center

For thousands of adults living in the most severe poverty the Resource Center is the only place they can find safety and hope. The only place they can turn for a warm coat, a shower, a telephone, or a chance to make a better life for themselves.


Imagine if you didn’t have a home. No place to store your clothes or get your mail. Or imagine what it would be like

A place where we can
repeat in our memories
the fun times;
The times and times we didn’t get a chance to know.
For it is the place I go when I feel the need to know.
For when I walk away
I am glad to say
this wall is for you and
I can come everyday.


  • not having clean socks or underwear,
  • having no place to brush your teeth, or
  • trying to find a job while carrying everything you own around on your back.

Hub of Services

The Preble Street Resource Center is the hub of services for hundreds of homeless people in Portland—meeting urgent needs at the drop-in soup kitchen, and food pantry; providing casework services; and coordinating and collaborating with other community organizations to provide safety, services, and support to help people address problems that compromise their well-being.

Casework Services

Casework staff includes social workers and multicultural caseworkers who work directly with clients and ensure access to services such as health care, mental health care, treatment for substance use disorders, education, employment, and legal assistance. Key services include:

  • Assisting clients with emergency needs such as temporary shelter or food
  • Individual assessment and service planning to develop goals and linkage to resources
  • Review of financial issues and assistance with applications for entitlements such as food stamps, MaineCare, SSI, or housing programs such as Section 8, Shelter+Care, or BRAP
  • Ongoing support for housing location and job readiness
  • Advocacy for clients at both individual and systems levels.

Using a holistic approach that provides social services while meeting concrete needs for food, clothing and shelter, Caseworkers build on the positive resources and abilities of clients to facilitate independence and self-sufficiency, giving people a hand up and not just a hand out.