Mobile Food Services


Through Preble Street Mobile Food Services, everyone staying at the YMCA and in shelters in Portland is able to get three meals a day, 365 days a year at their shelter. This includes Oxford Street Shelter, Milestone Shelter, the Expo Shelter, Florence House Shelter, and Preble Street Teen Services. Preble Street will provide 3 meals each day for guests at the shelter where they are staying.

If someone is experiencing homelessness and unable to stay at one of the shelters, they can access meals twice a day from Preble Street’s new Street Outreach Collaborative, which provides outreach services and two meals every day on a mobile basis to small groups at various stops around Portland where clients spend time or have appointments. Morning meals are distributed between 9-10:15 am and afternoon meals will be distributed between 3:30-4:45 pm.

To register with the Street Outreach Collaborative team and receive your meals, please call 207-775-0026 ext. 1880 and leave your name, number, and where you’re staying.

Street Outreach Collaborative Schedule

Morning MealAfternoon MealStreet Outreach Collaborative location
9:00-9:05 am  3:30-3:35 pm Intersection of Oxford & Alder
 9:05-9:10 am 3:35-3:40 pm Intersection of Portland & Hanover
 9:20-9:25 am 3:50-3:55 pm Intersection of Congress & State
 9:30-9:35 am 4:00-4:05 pm Intersection of Congress & High
 9:40-9:45 am 4:10-4:15 pm Intersection of Congress & Monument Sq
 9:50-9:55 am 4:20-4:25 pm Intersection of Commercial & Franklin
 10:00-10:05 am 4:30-4:35 pm Intersection of Commercial & High
 10:10-10:15 am 4:40-4:45 pm 18 Portland Street