Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Holtslander

March 01, 2018

Peaks Island resident Linda Holtslander started volunteering with Preble Street in 2016.

“When I moved to the area I wanted to volunteer with an organization that was helping community members move towards a safe, comfortable life,” recalls Linda. “I have found that at Preble Street.”

Linda volunteers at the Resource Center Soup Kitchen—chopping veggies, serving meals, washing dishes and distributing canned goods and produce at the food pantry—as well as the administrative office, where she files, assists with mailings and, on occasion, answers the phone.

“I also get to listen to good heavy metal in the kitchen—what a bonus!”

Linda wholeheartedly lives Preble Street values, treating people with dignity and respect and bringing unwavering dedication and irrepressible good cheer and gratitude to every challenge and every encounter.

Among her favorite moments at Preble Street, Linda recalls the morning two clients ran to help her when she slipped on ice or other clients who regularly joke with her about being late to serve breakfast. Best of all, Linda says, was when a young woman at the Food Pantry stopped to say she wouldn’t be coming to Preble Street anymore. “I looked up to see her smiling, and she said four beautiful words: ‘I got a job!’”

“We all want to be needed,” Linda says. “We all want to feel we make a difference. By volunteering at Preble Street, I help others and I help myself.”