Volunteer of the Month: Virginia Eddy

August 01, 2019

This month, we are excited to highlight a volunteer who loves to dig in and get her hands dirty. The July Volunteer of the Month, Virginia Eddy, is in her happy place when she is elbows-deep in dishes.

Every shift she works, she settles in at the dish pit, gives a big joyful sigh of contentment, and says: “I can’t think of a place I would rather be right now. I really mean it!” And she does.

Virginia is a master of strategy, an essential part of keeping up with dishes in a busy kitchen, and does it all while greeting every client and caseworker with kindness as they hand over their plate, eager to hear about their day and their meal.

One of her best qualities is her ability to greet even the toughest situations with an unflappable get-it-done mentality. Florence House Kitchen Operating Assistant Philippa remembers a day when “Virginia showed up early, a bright smile on her face, to find me, the floor, and the wall covered in tomato sauce. She held in her laughter, told me everything was going to be okay, and asked how she could help. She got the job done and we pulled together a great dinner.”

Virginia makes every meal even better by keeping things in top working order and filling the kitchen with a graceful ease. She embodies the Food Programs value that these kitchens are “welcoming places where all are treated with respect and empathy.”

Thank you, Virginia, for tackling the dirtiest dishes, the hardest days, and the difficult work of ending homelessness and food insecurity with your wonderfully positive spirit and pure, respectful warmth.