Volunteer of the Month: Moe B.

September 30, 2019

We’re humbled by the incredible passion, kindness, and work ethic that volunteers bring to the Preble Street Teen Center Soup Kitchen!

People like Moe, the September Volunteer of the Month, do more than just fill bellies. They remind young people that there are adults who want the best for them and will show up for them.

For over three years, Moe has been volunteering weekly at the Teen Center, preparing and serving dinner for youth in Portland. She frequently helps train new volunteers, fills in for last minute needs, and often joins us for holidays.

Moe is vivacious, kind, and a ton of fun. Whether it’s extra frosting on a big piece of cake or a bit of cheese to sauce up the veggies, Moe knows just what youth need.

“She taught me how to tie a double knot to fix a client’s ripped backpack,” recalls a caseworker. Another chimed in, “Youth ask about her when she’s not here.”

Thank you, Moe — and all volunteers — for your generosity and all that you bring to Preble Street!