Volunteer of the Month: Chuck

March 29, 2019

While the bulk of Preble Street volunteers spend their time peeling, chopping, serving, and cleaning, many people help in a different way. The Preble Street Receiving Center is the in-kind donation hub of the organization — all non-food donations arrive here to be processed, sorted, and distributed to clients.

After a career teaching high school chemistry, Volunteer of the Month Chuck Glassmire was not done with a life of service. Chuck volunteers twice a week in the Receiving Center, helping to greet donors and sort their generous donations.

As Preble Street Resource Development Assistant and Receiving Center guru Ray Hepler knows, a pair of socks is more than just a pair of socks. It can be the gateway into a relationship with a caseworker that opens doors to housing, health care, employment, and stability. Caseworkers have remarked that Chuck’s hard work makes it easier for them to quickly get much-needed clothing to some of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Thank you for all you do, Chuck!