Stop the Governor’s LD 1711 veto!

July 06, 2018

Earlier this week Governor LePage vetoed LD 1711 (H.O.U.S.E.), a bill to support recovery for homeless opioid users. Particularly after speaking with him on the phone last week, we are very disappointed this initiative has been blocked.

Not a single day goes by at Preble Street without someone asking for help in getting treatment—and we have barely anywhere to send them. Again last week we hosted another memorial for a client, who fatally overdosed hours after being turned away from a treatment program.

In justifying the veto of LD 1711 the Governor says:

  • Costs are an issue. Truth is in addition to the cost of human life, LD 1711 will save money as the services it provides are proven to be cheaper than the cycle of shelters, emergency rooms, jails, and detox programs homeless opioid users endure.
  • The State is already providing solutions to the opioid epidemic. Truth is as of February the opioid health home model has only enrolled five uninsured Mainers and fewer than 50 with insurance throughout the entire state.
  • LD 1711 is based on “unproven methods.” Truth is extensive evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

LD 1711 will save lives and NOW is the last chance for its survival.

Click below to email legislature leadership: “It takes more than health insurance to combat the opioid epidemic. Don’t let more Mainers die—override LD 1711 and save lives today.”

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