Preble Street Anti-Trafficking Services Program Director honored with Maine Children’s Alliance Giraffe Award

November 08, 2019

Stephanie Bratnick, Preble Street Anti-Trafficking Services Program Director, was honored with a Maine Children’s Alliance Giraffe Award in recognition of those in our communities who “stick out their necks” for Maine kids.

In accepting the award, Stephanie said:

“Preble Street has been supporting people of all ages since the agency was founded in 1975, so I want to accept this award in honor of this long history.

I also want to acknowledge that counter-trafficking efforts never happen by just one person, especially when the person being trafficked is a child. It takes numerous people, from law enforcement, governmental agencies, healthcare professionals, teachers, service providers, and community members, all working together on protection and prevention. So this award belongs to all those who spend everyday ensuring that the rights of children are maintained and their safety is ensured. Therefore, I want to acknowledge the work done by the entire Anti-Trafficking Services team, who work on the ground every day with survivors.”